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How to Sell Your Additionality RECs

Zettawatts signs a 5 or 10 year term forward REC purchase agreement with your project at a premium fixed price for additionality. 

Why Sell With Us?
Fill in the last piece to get to your FID

The AREC Market is not a bilateral marketplace.

  • Fixed-price visibility for project developers and buyers

  • No RFPs

  • ​No competition between projects

  • ​No underwriting or invoicing 

  • ​No complex negotiations


How the Process Works


Submit your project to the
AREC Market.

Zettawatts markets your ARECs to corporate buyers at your price.


Zettawatts signs contract to buy 10,000 MWh increments at agreed-upon price getting you closer to FID.


Finish the project,  get to COD and start getting paid for ARECs.

Submit Your Project to Start Selling Today.

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