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REC Market Registration

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Source: EPA REC Tracking System for North America

A significant challenge to grid decarbonization is ensuring Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) are accounted for accurately. There have been several documented instances in which RECs have been “double counted.”

Instances like these undermine all green initiatives. Double counting RECs promulgates distorted market signals for suppliers, C&I buyers, and investors. Moreover, double counting undermines overall confidence, incentives, and interest in environmental efforts by providing detractors an opportunity to question motives of market sponsors and participants.

Zettawatts is very keen on ensuring “REC fidelity” for our market participants. As a responsible curator for the Additionality RECs (ARECs) market, Zettawatts has joined all North American REC registries to provide internal and external participants transparency to ensure REC quality control as ARECs are converted to ‘originated RECs,’ transferred and ultimately retired.


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