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Additionality without the risks of a VPPA.

Introducing the Additionality REC Market:
Fixed-price forward contracts to buy ARECs from
new projects under development. 

You have limited options.

Buying renewable energy certificates to match 100% electricity usage is a good start but decarbonization of Scope 2 emissions only happens through investment in new renewable generation.

Onsite Generation

If you have the physical footprint to meet your electricity usage and are comfortable with the complexity and capital investment.

12+ Year PPA or VPPA

If you can find a project that matches your projected electricity usage and you can get your CFO to sign off on the risk and complexity.

New Community Solar

If there are available projects with sufficient generation and even then you may still need to buy RECs to meet your emissions standards.

What if you could subsidize new clean energy without the complexity and risk?

Introducing the
Additionality REC Market.

Additionality RECs are simple fixed-price forward contracts to buy unbundled RECs from new projects still under development.

ARECs provide companies committed to reducing Scope 2 emissions the ability to directly decarbonize the grid by bringing new generation online.

How does this help developers?


Each project in your development pipeline has two primary revenue streams: power & RECs.

But now there is an emerging hidden revenue stream embedded in each REC for new projects, The opportunity to sell 5 or 10-year strips of unbundled RECs prior to commercial operation at a fixed price. 

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