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Additionality REC Planner

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Unbundled RECs are important in many companies' 100% clean energy claims. For many companies, purchasing and retiring unbundled RECs are a backward-looking exercise where bulk purchases are made in Q1 or Q2 for the previous year's electricity usage.

To participate more directly in decarbonizing the grid, Zettawatts is creating a market for Additionality RECs - fixed-price forward contracts to buy unbundled RECs from new projects still under development.

This requires sustainability leaders to focus on 5 and 10 year forward-looking forecasts in order make a commitment to purchase ARECs. There are big advantages to locking in a fixed-price contract for the unbundled RECs today given that the spot market for RECs is likely rise with increasing green energy demand.

The AREC Planner is a tool for sustainability leaders to create what-if scenarios for how to include ARECs in their decarbonization plans and make the case for a greater impact - sometimes at a lower cost.

The AREC Planner Basics

We use your usage forecast and combine it with our pricing forecast to create a starter plan that you can adjust:

Additionality REC Planner

Create your own AREC Plan to reach your specific goals.


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