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EnerConnex now offering Additionality RECs to clients as an alternative to complex VPPAs

Updated: Apr 27

Zettawatts is delighted to announce our partnership with the experienced EnerConnex team to bring the the Additionality REC Market to their clients as an alternative to high-risk, complex Virtual Power Purchase Agreements (VPPAs). 

Zettawatts’ Additionality REC Market eliminates the complexity and risk associated with VPPAs by allowing companies to enter into 5 or 10 year forward contracts to purchase only the RECs at a fixed price from projects under development. 

In 2024, companies doing business in California, the EU and certain SEC regulated public corporations will be required to disclose both energy emissions as well as current mitigation efforts to meet voluntary decarbonization goals. Corporations like Microsoft, Google and Amazon determined to meet these objectives in 2024 are actively signing long term virtual power purchase agreements (VPPA) with projects that are under development.

The challenge for most companies is that Virtual PPAs are highly complex financial instruments that expose corporations to the volatile wholesale electricity market and require sophisticated hedging to mitigate the risks. 

Through this partnership, EnerConnex's clients now have access to forward contracts for purchasing Additionality RECs from projects still in development, offering a fixed-price, low-risk alternative to traditional VPPAs. This innovative approach not only addresses the volatility and complexity associated with the wholesale electricity market but also aligns with corporate sustainability objectives by ensuring a direct impact on the deployment of new renewable energy projects.

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EnerConnex is a leading energy advisory firm focused on energy procurement, renewables and sustainability. With access to one of the largest supplier networks, a proprietary pricing platform, and extensive industry experience, we tailor energy strategies based on our client’s specific needs and sustainability goals. EnerConnex is a wholly owned subsidiary of SJI– a $2.6B energy infrastructure company. More at


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