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Why Including Your Projects on is a Strategic Move for Renewable Energy Project Developers

Streamlining Access to a Dedicated Market

Most corporate clean energy “buyers” are actually looking to mitigate their Scope 2 emissions from electricity use - they are not interested in the actual “energy”. For the last decade, these companies have procured Renewable Energy Certificates on an annual basis to match their electricity usage. 

Sophisticated corporations recognize that unbundled RECs are not enough and are seeking Additionality - directly participating in the development of energy projects. 

Additionality is a new attribute of RECs that developers are now able to market - independent of the power - through the Additionality REC Market.

The allows developers to secure premium offtake agreements for just the renewable energy attributes of projects during the development process.

Additionality RECs are fixed-price, fixed-volume forward agreements to purchase the RECs for the first 5 or 10 years of a project.

Financial Viability and Accelerated Decision Making

Zettawatts recognizes the critical nature of achieving a Financial Investment Decision (FID). By placing purchase agreements for ARECs prior to project construction, Zettawatts not only enhances the financial viability of these projects but also expedites the path to FID. This pre-construction commitment can mitigate financial risks related to wholesale energy volatility and satisfy investors who are reassured by the secured offtake at a premium price.

Broadening Your Audience

By listing your project’s ARECs on, you gain access to a broad and diverse pool of buyers. Our platform actively markets your project’s ARECs, in aggregate with other projects’ ARECs, to a growing audience of potential buyers, increasing visibility for your environmental attributes far beyond what traditional methods might achieve.

Why Zettawatts versus other options?

Transparency and market confidence. Traditional Over-the-Counter (OTC) environmental commodity brokers often operate within opaque markets where pricing and buyer access can be inconsistent. They are also matching a buyer and a seller for a bi-lateral transaction leaving both parties to negotiate the final terms.  The introduces a level of transparency akin to what platforms like eBay and Amazon have done for personal shopping. This transparency builds trust and engages buyers and sellers in the platform as a primary resource for price discovery and transactions using standardized agreements.  Your agreement is with Zettawatts directly, and our terms and conditions are transparent and upfront.  

Next Steps for Project Developers

To leverage the full potential of, we recommend taking the following steps:

1. Submit your project by providing details about your project to gain visibility among a large pool of corporate buyers.

2. Schedule a time with us to share more about your project development organization and pipeline.  We are happy to send our Terms and Conditions for your review.


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